our story

Cretan Paths was established in 2013 with the main goal to help promote an alternative view of Crete. The basic idea was to shed light in to the relatively unknown mainland rural area of the Heraklion region. In order to achieve that we invented and planed interactive experiences that offer our guest travelers first hand experiences that connect them with the natural beauties of our island. Since then we have met a lot of exquisite people and interesting characters who filled our lives with laughter, love, memories and true friendship. That led to an amazing transformation, our clients become our friends and family. Their support and positive feedback become our drive to go on and keep on designing every year more elaborate and heartwarming experience tours.


I was born on May 1986 in Heraklion Crete. Both my parents are Cretans who love and respect their birthplace. I have a younger brother. When I was young both my parents were working so I used to spend each morning with my grandmother. She taught me all the household secrets and most of all how to cook real food. I used to spend my afternoons with my family baking pastries solving puzzles and building Lego Technics with my father. Every weekend we used to organize small trips all over the island trying to discover the natural beauties of the island of Crete. My favorite modules in school were Biology, Chemistry and Math. Growing up i developed an interest in Ancient Greek as well. I studied Environmental Sciences in the University of Aegean in the island of Lesvos. When I returned to Crete after my studies I got involved in tourism running a small family hotel in Crete. In this hotel I got the chance to combine my knowledge from my studies and my passion for food. During winter time I trained in basic culinary arts and pastry arts in Athens.

Since 2013 I am walking on my little Cretan Paths!


I was born on December 1978 in Heraklion. I am a descendant of a famous Cretan warrior Captain Korakas from 1800. I have a younger brother and growing up with him I enjoyed every kind of sport. My father was a professional basketball player so no surprise there I become one too. I am an outdoor man for sure. My favorite modules in school were Math, Physics and Literature. I left Crete for studies in 1996. I studied Business administration in Cambridge UK and spent a total of 8 years in the UK working as a stock broker in London and Paris. My profession gave me the opportunity to travel all over the globe and I feel blessed for that. I enjoyed my encounters with foreign cultures and most of all the culinary traditions I had the privilege to savour in my travels. 

A few years ago I met passionate Atalanti and she introduced me to Cretan Paths. It was love at first sight. Since then I enjoy sharing traveling experiences with the friends and family Cretan Paths clients.