When we travel everyone has a different perception of the world around us.
We welcome every traveler and we try to offer a unique experience.
We urge you to get to know the island of Crete through our eyes as locals!!


In our cultural tours we incorporate all the key elements of history, art and tradition but we don’t stop there. We believe that its crucial to make the connection between the past and the present Cretan way of life. We urge you through workshops and activities in our tours to take part in the evolution of Cretan culture and leave your mark into the future of Cretan living.


Cretan paths was one of the first travel agents in Crete to provide environmental eco tours. After all these years we realized that an environmental tour is not just information about the flora and the fauna of the island or hikes to picturesque remote locations. That’s why all are environmental tours are packed with activities and actions that educate and raise the awareness on environmental issues of the island and most of the times have an actual impact on the sustainability of eco responsible tourism. You can leave a green footprint while on vacation.


Since the inception of establishing Cretan Paths, gastronomy played an important role in all our tours. Gastronomical tours though are very special. Full of activities workshops and masterclasses these tours give a hands-on experience like no other. A gastronomical extravaganza not only of traditional Cretan cuisine but Mediterranean and international favorites as well. Educational. fun and fulfilling our gastronomical tour is something you must experience in order to fully understand it. Real food, real people, a vacation highlight for sure.

tailor made

Here at Cretan Paths we are committed to provide our customers with unique experiences. That’s why we welcome challenges. Don’t hesitate and send us your thoughts and insights. Describe what kind of tour you would like to experience what’s your likes and interests. Our team will find a way to accommodate them all into a new tailor-made tour just for you.